Thank you so much giving me the amazing opportunity that is Global Stars Network. I knew it would be fun and educational, but little did I know just how life-changing it would be.  I made so many new friends, won competitions, traveled to totally new countries, and now I am all set up  to even bring my career. to the bigger markets. Thank you so much for everything you do!

Kimberly Girkin, age 15 - Spring 2018 
​(Signed with two agencies right out of convention.)

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GSN Direct Payment Options

You are not considered registered for the event until you have booked your cabin through GSN Travel and paid your event fee in full. You must book cabins WITH the group to be a PART of the group. Carnival recognizes NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to event space allotment, a $250 processing fee, per person, (event fee) will apply for any cabins not booked through GSN. For example, if you go direct to Carnival to purchase a cabin, you must pay the $250 processing fee to participate in the event, as will all of your guests. You will also not be seated with the group at evening dining, which will drastically cut down your networking opportunities. ​

Pay close attention to the amount of the balance and the date due, are paying in full. In addition to the $1995 event fee, you wil have the expenses of a cabin through the event organizer (GSN Travel -

You will receive confirmation on cabin arrangements within 24 hours of deposit or payment in full from GSN Travel on cabins. You must be paid in full by start of the event to participate in the event. We will be in contact with you to set up Skyping you in. Most of the workshops are on weekends. . 

The preparatory workshops are included in your event fee. But your participation will not continue unless your payments are current to the dates to which you have committed. Your participation will resume when your payments are caught up. The event, nor the program, nor the instructors are responsible for your missed workshops. 

Please note that there are no refunds, credit only to the next event. This offer is good only through May 1, 2019.

PLAN YOUR FLIGHT to be in Cocoa Beach at the Courtyard Marriott by noon on June 23rd for the workshops for EVERYONE that start at 1pm. Additional FAQ's are available at .


The event fee above in the PayPal link is is JUST THE GSN EVENT FEE of $1995 to participate as a performer for agents, manager and casting directors. The event fee includes all 9 audition/competitions. One event guest pass is included for talent 17 and under.  (Parent/guest passes are $150 per person). Price above DOES include the PayPal convenience fee of 3.1% to cover processing.

It DOES NOT INCLUDE your cabin on the Carnival Cruise - see pricing and registration at The cabin charges from Carnival includes all of your meals on board, coffee, tea, lemonade and water, (no alcohol or soft drinks included).

It DOES NOT INCLUDE a hotel room or hotel share. You will need come into the port city a day early to insure you are there in time to sail AND for six hours of preparatory workshops on site at the host hotel the day before we sail. Our host hotel for two nights ahead of the cruise is the Cocoa beach Courtyard Marriott. 

Cocoa Beach Courtyard Marriott
3435 N Atlantic Ave.
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Phone: 321-784-4800

Check in: June 22nd 
Check out: June 24th 

Room Options:
King $189.00 USD per night
2 Queens $189.00 USD per night

You will want to come in TWO nights early to take advantage of all of the preparation we offer.

Also NOT INCLUDED in the event fee is transportation cost of $45/person from the airport to the hotel, hotel to the port and back to the airport after the cruise. 

Also NOT included are opportunities to shoot with photographers on board and at the ports at very reasonable cost of $125/look max. Photography is an option, not a requirement.

*Both the Carnival cruise cabin and the hotel are double occupancy, which means you MUST share a cabin or pay double. 

Your fee above DOES NOT INCLUDE your flight or transportation to the port city of Orlando, in this case. It DOES NOT INCLUDE headshots/reel for actors or composite card/portfolio for models, which you will need. It DOES NOT INCLUDE alcohol, soft drinks or excursions at ports, but does include coffee, tea, lemonade and ALL GSN activities on board. 

If you would like to share a cabin and hotel with another talent. We can cut down your expenses by doing so.

There are no balcony cabins being held in the group. but there are limited cabins available at market rates. Balcony cabins prices can be checked if you are interested in that option. For more info call the GSN office at 877-600-4450. All balances are due in full by May 1, 2019.  

If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Our staff work in several time zones, so be patient in getting a response. You may also email at casey @ (take out the spaces!) or call 406-544-5186 or 877-600-4450.